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Have any questions or concerns ? We’re always ready to help! 

Tale of Belle Noir Extensions...

It's a really simple story...For the of love hair!

Whether it's to experiment with styles, cuts, colors, etc.,  or to inspire others to explore self confidence. Over the years, people have always asked Belle Noir Extension's Founder about extensions, her personal style and tips. There was a point in her life where she began to feel uncertain and question her purpose. She sought out a spiritul friend who asked if she was praying. With confidence, Madkins reassured her friend that she was. The second question and advice is what put it all into perspective, "Are you listening? If you are, then you would know." said the friend.

The next day Madkins met with a fellow entrepreneurial confidant who advised her to start her own hair company.  Madkins realized that is was only confirmation from the many signs life and the divine had given her over the years. Thus,  Belle Noir Extensions was proudly established 2014 !


How do I track my order?

You will receive your USPS tracking information once your payment has been proccessed. Payment processing takes 1-2 business days.



What are your delivery options?

Standard shipping allow 3-5 business days.

Express shipping is not allow at this time. 



How do I return an item?

Contact us via email and we will send you the details for shipment.

How can I contact your couriers?

USPS Tracking



Do you provide International delivery?

Shipping is available WORLDWIDE.


What is your returns policy?

If for any reason you are not satisfied please contact us immediately. We DO NOT give refunds, EXCHANGES ONLY with hair in its original state. You will be responsible for full cost of shipping. We MUST receive the products back before we ship out the new items.